MY NAME IS RICHARD DUNCAN. I AM 67 YEARS OLD. I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020. I RAN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN 2016. I WANT TO THANK THE VOTERS FOR THE 24,507 VOTES, WHICH RANKED ME 9TH PLACE IN THE NATION. I AM AN INDEPENDENT AND RAN MY CAMPAIGN ON ABOUT A 5000 DOLLAR BUDGET. I HAVE PUBLISHED A BOOK TITLED "I RANKED 10TH IN THE NATION IN TOTAL PRESIDENTIAL VOTES IN 2012 ON A $5000 DOLLAR BUDGET". IT CAN BE PURCHASED AT or call 1-888-795-4274 extension 4528.($3.99 for an E book). Also see I have a Masters Degree where I was trained as a City Planner(Kent State University, 1979). I specialized in land use controls and the creation of new communities such as Reston, Virginia, Columbia, Maryland and Irvine, California. I have traveled to Europe 3 times and twice circled the globe visiting India, China, Tibet, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore and the Holy Land. My education and travels have given me a sound basis for my platform of my political run. Below are listed my goals or priorities. I.POLITICAL REFORM We must UNITE OUR NATION! We have a great country based on the economic system of capitalism and we must keep it. However, some government is needed to secure the rights of all Americans. The founding fathers stated we are all created equal! However, over the course of history, abuses and greed have existed in business and government which today threatens our future. On a national and state level, much of our current lawmakers' time is spent fighting between the 2 major parties in an attempt to win elections and to stay in power. Our political system has fallen into a downward spiral of toxic politics. From a system where each major party had a liberal and a conservative element, we now have calcified into a two party system where each republicans and democrats are trying to land a knockout blow to gain total victory. We need a diverse multi-party system. I run as an independent to avoid this waste of time and bitter feelings. Time could be better spent on solutions for our voters issues. Furthermore, many politicians wrongly view their term in office as a way to enrich their individual status or wealth. Under my leadership, the voters and citizens will be the beneficiaries. It is our country not the politicians! The only way to correct this is to stop voting for these parties. A further problem in politics today is the politicians attention toward special interests and the money sources which contribute to their campaigns. A major problem is the politicians close relationship to the Federal Reserve and to bankers. Because I have to date self-funded my own campaigns, I have not been influenced by these "quid pro quo" bribes. Therefore, I have equally represented all the voters. I will propose term limits to Congress of 3 consecutive terms. II. PUBLIC SAFETY- A. My priority will be to be vigilant for acts of terror. Law enforcement levels will be maintained as is and likely increased. If we as a country want to preserve our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, we certainly must not tie the hands of our police officers. Officers also shall not be hesitant to use force when necessary, for fear of being sued or disciplined. However, the recent George Floyd dilemma has revealed abuses which will be closely followed and corrected. B. School Safety I will enact a law to require all schools to have at least one armed guard during school hours. This trained officer will be responsible to enact a program to assure all exterior doors are secured and to meet with the administration and the student body on pertinent issues. III. JOBS AND ECONOMIC BOOST ACT(THE DUNCAN PLAN) A. JOBS ELEMENT As I did in my past Presidential runs, I will similarly promulgate this jobs legislation. The goal of creating new jobs and preserving the ones we have is crucial to everyone. I will do this by developing ZONES OR GEOGRAPHIC AREAS throughout our nation. Within these zones industries and businesses will be encouraged to locate therein by giving them incentives such as tax breaks and reduced rent or land cost prices. However, in return they must hire our U.S. citizens at a good wage and provide them health care coverage. Certain provisions of Obama care will be preserved to provide health care for the truly who need it. These areas will replace brownfield or distressed sites which are in need of rehabilitation and harbor drug and illicit activities.. The corporations will benefit by the incentives as stated above. Such savings will allow the corporations to stop outsourcing their labor costs to Asian countries. This movement has recently been called reshoring. These corporations who participate in this deed for our Nation will be highly praised! We will solicit corporations from all over the world to locate within these zones. Many concepts from China's free trade zones or special economic zones will be implemented herein. These programs have raised China to a major economic power. B. PHYSICAL DESIGN OF THE ZONES These areas will be exhibited by a multiple amount of planning elements which will benefit our state and nation. My Masters Degree training in City Planning will be instrumental in their design. Land uses such as commercial, parks and recreation, educational, health care and affordable housing will be located within compact high density developments that will eliminate the sprawl issues we have experienced in the last 50 plus years, such as air pollution and energy costs created by automobile commuting. These areas will provide beautiful, healthy, spacious, well balanced and carefully developed districts. C. THE POWER TO CREATE THESE ZONES The U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Kelo v. New London has upheld the power of governments to implement economic development plans like these for the benefit of the public. I visited this Connecticut town in 2009. I have twice traveled to China where this power has successfully been exercised such as in Shenzhen. These incentives to bring corporations to these zones will be financed by cost savings to the government which will accrue therefrom, for example, increased property tax evaluations will benefit the local schools; increased sales taxes will flow from the commerce activity which will accrue to these areas; increased income taxes will result from the increase in payrolls in the designated areas; also there will be a reduced dependence on the entitlement programs such as welfare; medicaid, medicare and section 8 as citizens will be given jobs so they can pay their own expenses rather then to continue devastating our federal deficit. Jail and judicial system costs will be lowered because when people are working crime will be a less attractive option as they will have their own money. The social security problem will also be helped as more workers will be paying into the program. IV. AFFORDABLE HOUSING Within these zones high density public housing will be built. My April 2018 trip to Singapore and 2 earlier trips to China introduced me to these ideas. The residents will preferably purchase their units or flats in order to give them an incentive to work hard to get ahead. These residents will work within these businesses and will join a compulsory savings plan (fund) which will help pay their rent or mortgage toward their purchase of their units. These high rise units will be based on the new town concept and will be designed to be self sustainable. There is no excuse why basic housing can't be provided where 40 million U.S. citizens live in poverty and that 62 of the richest billionaires in the world own as much wealth as the poorer half of the world's population. By addressing this housing crisis all of society will benefit by taking the unemployed off the streets, putting them to work and having them pay taxes. I believe my 30 years of zoning experience can bring these housing projects to a reality(see Duncan vs Middlefield (1986) 23 Ohio State 83 where I "pro se" changed the law of variances in Ohio). V. HIGH SPEED RAIL SYSTEM. Our national interstate highway system is more than adequate. However, I will propose a few lines within the state between the major cities of high speed rail lines. I have extensively rode the trains in India, Japan, China and Europe. An improved freight rail system will be implemented. Within the urban areas a program will be set forth to improve transit and bus systems to help reduce automobile dependence with its emissions problems. VI. EDUCATION AND EQUAL RIGHTS. We must assure equal opportunities for all children to receive an education. Despite what economic, social or racial status one is born into, all must be given the chance to improve themselves. This will benefit society as a whole and prepare young adults for college or to be trained for the new jobs of the future. The civil rights laws will be reviewed and updated. As most of us realize, what does it matter for a job or in housing etc., what religion you believe in, or the color of your skin, or what country you are from? It matters if you can do the job or be responsible for your housing, and if you are a nice person! PLEASE VOTE FOR RICHARD DUNCAN 2020 PRESIDENT ! THANK YOU

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